Oct 18, 2010

Kaspersky Booklet?

While going through PSM's blog, I found something very interesting and would love to share it with my friends. I guess the images speaks for themselves...

Kaspersky Booklet

Trust me, I'm as surprise as all of you. Since when did Kaspersky (a reknown anti virus software) issued stamps in Malaysia? The funny thing here is that the stamps are obviously genuine and was taken from the One Malaysia collection issued on 31st August 2009.

One Malaysia Booklet

Please take note that anybody can come out with a private booklet with genuine stamps but the point here is whether POS Malaysiangave its authorization for the use of its name/logo. IMHO, I just fail to see the need for POS Malaysia to do this as the original issue comes with an official booklet. Seriously, something is not right here.

Another illegal issue? Yes, I used the word another solely because this has happened before. Around 1998-2000s, there were similar "private" booklets with blocks of genuine stamps for the Commanweath Games with the official POS logo which was later found to be unauthorized, hence making the booklet illegal.

Looking at this, it marks another black day for Malaysia Philately. Just imagine what will happen in the near future. Obviously, as a collector/philatelist, this provides us with another area to study but if you ask me, I definitely say this is rather unethical. How do we classify this in philately; forgery, cinderella, etc? or more percisely the work of some "Smart Alex" who is trying to make a fast buck.

Anyway, we will definitely need to know what is going on and the least POS Malaysia could do is to let us know what is happening. If this is an official issue, please explaing why it was not sold to the public; if not, please take the appropriate actions for the future of philately in Malaysia. Looking at things, I believe this will just end up another mystery like many other mystery issues in Malaysia. LOL...


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Found related info here:


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I saw this news as well, published in TheStar long time ago and PSM is involved, the funny thing is PSM key members don't know what happening.