MNH set
Pos Malaysia Berhad issued a special collection of stamps and first-day covers with regards to One Malaysia Collection on 10th November 2010. The stamps include 2 design with 30 sen denomination and 2 more with 50 sen denomination. Oops, I know what are u thinking. What happen to the new tariff. Since the new tariff was introduced, only stamps with 60 sen, 70 sen, 80 sen and RM1 was introduced. Why all of sudden the 30 sen and 50 sen are appearing again?

Is it because of the pressure philatelist is putting on POS Malaysia? I hope it was the case but come on; lets face it. The truth is rather obvious. POS Malaysia has printed these issue way before the tariff was introduced. OMG, another one of those famous blunders by our dear postal authorities.

Putting that aside, this is certainly a special issue as it was design by students from Lim Kok Wing University; one of the best schools of art. If you look closely, you could see the logo of Lim Kok Wing next to POS Malaysia. Hats off to the designers as I believe they have put alot of effort too it.

Beside the stamps and FDCs, a special postal card is up for sale. RM4 for a set of 4 is definitely a good bargain. A good chance to create your own maxicards. :)

STAMP SET 4v :RM1.60
Cover: 30 sen
Postal Card: RM4.00
Folder: RM5.50

Postal Card


PS: Like usual, anyone interested, please drop me a note.


Chen said...

Hi Ronny,

I brought this maxicard set of 4 cards. And I am thinking of each card get a postmark of
1-1-11, 11-1-11, 1-11-11 and finally 11-11-11. That will surely be my dream collection. But 1-1-11 is a public holiday. So, do you know our post office open on public holiday??

Or do u know where and how can get the 1-1-11 postmark??


P.S. do u have an extra 1 Malaysia stamp shown in ian's blog? Can u sell it to me? I like make the same maxicard like his and put a 11-11-11 postmark on it.