Postmarks Collection is nothing new in philately especially for traditional philatelist. Basically postmarks consists of 4 major division:

1. Circular Dated Stamp (CDS)
2. First Day Postmark
3. Pictorial Postmark
4. Meter Postmark

I guess I need not elaborate on the above as most of us are well aware of the different type of postmarks and I'm sure there are many articles in the web which has elaborated explaination with regards to different types of postmarks. However, today I would like to share something that has been a crave for the new philaletist generation. Yes, it is Special Date Postmarks. What do I mean by Special Date Postmarks?

Special date postmarks are basically postmarks that reflects special dates such as 10-10-10 or 20-10-2010. Many have argued that this sort of collection is of no value but I disagree. Any collection is valuable if they are cherished by its owner. If a philatelist is commited to do extensive research and build a collection, I'm sure it will be something great in the future. Something eveyone will look up to. Take my word for it.

Though I dont have an extensive collection in this area, I do have some covers that I would love to share:

Taiwan Postmark dated 8th September 2010 at 11am

Birmingham,UK Postmark dated 10th October 2010

Dubai, UAE Postmark dated 10th October 2010

Belgium Meter Cancellation dated 10th October 2010

Interesting? I'm sure all of you would agree that this is definitely an area we all can participate and contribute to the growth of Special Date Philately. So, if you are interested, do keep me in the loop when special dates like this comes by. I'm always ready for friendly exchanges. LOL...