Nov 19, 2010

Bird Cover From China

This is definitely one of the BEST PHILATELIC COVER I've ever received. Everything a philatelic cover needs; complete set, clear CDS postmark, and clear address is on the cover. Simply a marvelous bird cover. Basically the ms consists of 6 stamps with 1.20 yuan denomination. The birds depicted in the stamps are as follow:

  • Taiwan Blue Magpie
  • Tibetan Bunting
  • Cabot's Tragopan
  • Snowy-cheeked Laughingthrush
  • Golden Pheasent
  • Biddulph's Ground Jay
Though, I'm a collector of Birds of Prey and pigeons, I've to admit that is ms is truly very beautiful. I doubt anyone will say NO to this cover. Last but not least. I'm looking forward to more friendly exchanges with friends from all over the world. Come on and join the fun!!!