Aug 16, 2009

Thanks Donata

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU my friend Donata for all the materials you have send me all this while. It all started with a surprise mail I got from you not so long ago. From then on, begin a great friendship that I will cherish from LIFE. That's why I love Philately so much, it brings people from all over the world together. Again, thanks my friend for all the effort and help. Will never be able to express how happy am I to have a friend like you.


A very beautiful cover with perfect stamps and hand cancellation. Lets not forget, neat hand writing, air label and most of all an added personal touch. For me, as a cover collector, I treasures personal touch the most. Its something that actually bonds us together.


Two very interesting postcards. Love them alot for they are very unique. My friend Donata has also included many bird stamps from Lithuania. Im just speechless to see them in the cover. Again, I can never thank you enough. Looking forward to more friendly exchanges with u. Im sure you will like the materials I've send you. Till then, take care and gbu.


Kasinath said...

I like the cover, especially the ship stamps, as my theme. ;)

ronny said...

Dear Kasinath,
Reminded me of u when I got the cover.. LOL


Donata ( said...

hey Ronny, you welcome :) I am glad to help with collection! and I am sure I will love ur stamps and cover! Take care! :)